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Imagine hair with reflective shine, radiant color and a silky touch. All this is possible with elon’s exceptional conditioning services. These treatments envelope each strand of hair with nourishing ingredients for simply the most beautiful hair.

The condition of your hair is the single most important facet in determining the end result of color, cuts, perms, and styling. To ensure your hair looks its absolute best, elon Salon offers unique deep conditioning treatments that maximize the health of the hair. Rich in proteins and botanical extracts, these therapies return a proper moisture balance, elasticity, and strength to the hair.






The secret to sensational hair color and style.

Deep Conditioning Treatments

Whether your safeguarding your hair color investment, protecting against styling appliances, or keeping environmental elements at bay, these services are here to the rescue.

Clay Pack

Benefits fine hair and dry scalp

Adding strength, thickness, and moisture balance to the hair, this deep, organic, botanical reconstructor increases elasticity and body, adding a refreshing, tension-relieving sensation.

Glaze Conditioning

Great for curly, frizzy, or coarse hair, and red or brunette colors

Boosts shine and silkiness by smoothing and sealing the hair cuticle. An excellent way to prevent colour loss for darker shades that are more prone to fading. Helps add stylability to curly or frizzy hair.


Biominoil Treatment

A great addition to all hair color services

A must for color-treated hair, this treatment restores healthy luster and condition by depositing vital nutrients and minerals into each strand. Makes hair sensationally soft, silky, and shiny.

Protein Therapy

A must for fine, damaged, blonde or lightened hair

A proprietary blend of protein and botanical extracts, this therapy delivers silky texture with reflective shine. Enjoy more radiant color and soft, healthy hair with this strengthening conditioner.






elon’s Multi Services

Giving you all your desired hair services in one scheduled appointment
To save you time when multiple chemical services are required to achieve a desired outcome, elon offers Multi Services. Our unique combination of superior quality products and innovative application procedures allows us to perform all of the necessary services in just one visit, while leaving the hair in absolutely superb condition. With elon’s Vitamin-E infused hair color, 100% thio-free Color Friendly Perm, incomparable smoothing treatment, and super conditioners like Clay Pack and Protein Therapy, were bringing convenience back to exquisite hair.