sensational control • luxurious texture
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elon Salon’s exclusive Smoothing Treatment can give you the hair of your dreams… today!

Have you always desired hair that is silky smooth with luxurious texture and brilliant shine? How about being able to effortlessly wear your hair smooth or curly, with total styling control and reduced blow drying time?

Whether you have unruly, coarse, frizzy or hard to manage hair, or you simply want to enjoy more beautiful hair that’s easier to care for, the revolutionary elon Smoothing Treatment can deliver these benefits.








This revolutionary treatment provides total styling control.


Enjoy having options as you decide daily how to wear your hair.

smooth and silky

wavy and polished

curly and controlled

elon’s Smoothing Treatment

This amazing formaldehyde-free formulation is sensational at turning the most out of control hair into soft, shiny locks with incredible movement and total styling control. The elon Smoothing Treatment is different from hair straightening systems in it’s unique ability to allow you to wear your hair smooth or curly. This accommodates a much greater variety of cuts, while presenting an increased number of styling variations, all with greater stylability and decreased styling times. As an added bonus, anti-frizz properties keep hair looking great year round, especially in Atlanta’s hot and humid summer months.

If you are tired of fighting with your hair and you desire gorgeous, easy to style tresses, élon’s smoothing treatment is exactly what you’ve been waiting for to turn every day into a great hair day.