longer thicker hair

It’s time to have the hair you’ve always imagined.

Whether you want longer hair or just thicker hair, elon can make your dreams come true with our exceptional hair extension services. Picture yourself at important events, in special moments and even in everyday situations with the most beautiful hair imaginable. Yes, you can have the kind of hair that makes people turn around and take notice. elon’s extensions are 100% human hair, hand selected by length and color for every stand, and matched to your individual styling needs. An innovative attachment system allows the extensions to be safely secured in place. It’s an easy way to have the look you’ve always longed for.











  • 100% human hair
  • Innovative bonding process
  • Soft bond for maximum comfort
  • Lasts 3 to 6 months
  • Can be cut, colored, and styled to perfectly match existing hair
  • Wash, blow dry, and use styling tools and products as you would your own hair

elon’s Protein Bonded Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are well recognized for their ability to instantly add length and volume to your style. Now their popularity is increasing as they are being used in creative ways to add versatility and flair to shorter styles.  For instance, extensions can be used all over to create incredible volume in a short style, or they can be used only on one side to create asymmetry in the length. Since our extensions are real hair and use a comfortable, innovative attachment system, they can be cut, colored and styled to perfectly match your existing hair, while also allowing you to wash, blow dry and style your hair as you normally would with your existing tools and products.  The number of ways that extensions can make you look fantastic are many!